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Sending Aid to Ukraine


Greetings in the precious name of Jesus.

The book of Matthew, chapter 24 from the New Testament is probably the most talked-about passage in the Bible these days. This is the chapter where Jesus' disciples ask Him the question, "What are the signs of the last days?" Jesus gave several clues of what to look for—the rise of false teachers, of which many appear on television daily, asking for your money, pestilences (ah, what can I say to COVID?), earthquakes like the one that happened two days ago in Japan with a 7.2 magnitude, famines, which are always happening in parts of Africa, North Korea, and most likely in other parts of the world soon. But one clue that our Lord dwelt on the most was wars. Jesus said, "There will be wars and rumors of wars, nations against nations and kingdoms against kingdoms." The very idea of the word "rumors" is very interesting, as we now hear almost daily the rumor of nuclear war (Russia vs. America, or China attacking Taiwan).

My dear friends, please don't be asleep now, but be prepared for things getting worse. Because of this terrible war in Ukraine, we have asked you to help us minister to these refugees, which you did wonderfully. You stepped up to the plate and helped us adopt five churches in the cities of Kropyvnickiy, Krementes, Dubno, and Lviv in Ukraine, and Kalety in Poland. These churches are working almost twenty-four hours a day to feeding and clothing refugees, meeting medical needs, and transporting orphans from one point to another, as well as providing places to sleep and shower.

Sleeping in a church sanctuary:

Delivering pallets of food:

Giving refugees a good meal:

Giving aid to orphans:

Again, thank you for your wonderful and loving help.

Almost daily, 3000-6000 people are passing through these cities, on to Poland or beyond. We are continuing to work in Ukraine for as long as we can, and we are seriously considering going to Poland to assist our adopted church and give more aid.

Please pray for us and especially for these churches that are daily at work to help these refugees.

We are still seeking donations, which are tax deductible if the checks are made out to Word Ministries. You can mail checks to:

89 Hanes Mill Rd.

St. Matthews, SC 29135

Our phone number is: 803-707-1040.

Please remember Luke 6:38: "Give and it shall be given."

Love in Christ,


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